The Animals of the Forest cover art
Henri Rousseau, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Hudson to Hawthorne

Hudson to Hawthorne’s music is minimalist and dreamy, sometimes hard and driving. Drenched in echoing canyons of guitars, analog synthesizers, organs, and myriad percussion, Hudson to Hawthorne is equal parts prog, grunge, electronic, and world.

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Spectator Sport cover art
Roger Brown (1941-1997). Untitled (Theater Interior, Blonde woman, bed, green frame), 1968, oil on canvas and painted wood frame. © The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Brown family.


Pussyft crafts thoughtful songs with dynamic layers, blending playful elements of 80s synth pop with distorted, guitar- driven rock and avant-garde dreaminess. Pussyft captures the delicate spaces between memory and anticipation, the exciting rush of the past, present and future.

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